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Innowearable is an innovation company in sports with several products in the pipeline.

Inno-X is the first neuromuscular readiness measuring device for athletes. Inno-1 is the first muscle endurance wearable that monitors lactate levels non-invasively and gives athletes real-time information on their lactate levels.

The Inno-X sensor measures muscle activation patterns and provides reliable information on the current fatigue status of muscles, without using invasive tests or fatiguing exercise protocols. The unique combination of algorithms used analyses neuromuscular fatigue and provides a readiness score. The user-specific readiness-signature will allow every athlete to know their limits, reach new heights in training, and excel in their game.

With the Inno-1 Innowearable have managed to do something nobody has done before, measure lactate-level momentarily without any blood samples. This is a world unique innovation that will be a game-changer for endurance sports. By applying EMG sensors to the active muscles, the sensor can determine the lactate level in real-time. This means that with a combination of this proven measurement technology and novel algorithms the athlete is given direct feedback on muscle status. Lactate measurement is the golden standard for top athlete training. The technology in Inno-1 is unique and has been validated for runners and cyclists in a scientific study.


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